About us

We are at the beginning (and very exciting!) stages of establishing our community.

Looking for people to start a community on a large piece of land in England.
Please only join if you are seriously about leaving the civilaztion, jobs and addictions and will actually come here with 100 percent commitment and effort.

were planning to live off the grid by 2012 before the massive riots and the craziness to come. Everybody will have to pay to get in and do alot of work it is not going to be easy we will need at least 15 people to make this dream a reality.

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Admin – https://www.facebook.com/livinginnatureengland
Group – http://www.facebook.com/home.php?sk=group_201751693192764

Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you!

8 Responses to About us

  1. Emily says:

    I’m looking to do this yesterday but don’t want to do it alone and everyone around me just talks and dithers… Would seriously like to hear more.

    With REAL interest,

  2. Nigel Beckwith says:

    Hi, I have worked toward this idea for some time. Long story but matters out of my hands have prevented this so far. I have written blogs and so on re. the ideas of returning to a more natural way and so ensuring that we do not feed the beast of the established order as well as prevent or at least avoid meltdown for a percentage of beings. Would be good to chat to you people.

  3. I have been looking for land for years to live on implementing a permaculture design approach: build low-impact structures, 5 zones including producing a fully organic kitchen and herb garden, fruit trees, grains, possibly chickens and goats and with an area of wild forest. A intelligent and efficient water management system and compost toilets would be an integral part of the design.

    I would love to live in an intelligent, like-minded community.

    I am currently living in Mexico teaching a simple form of transcendental massage in return for free accommodation and meals. Officially I am an English teacher (TESOL) and hold a masters degree in Post 1900 Stories Theories and Cultures. I have been very active in events organisation all my life with my most recent employment in that area being to project manage a community led course in sustainable arts and technologies.

    I am passionate about sustainable living and very interested in your plans. It would be great to receive more information about the project.

    The website is fantastic – informative and very interesting. Well done!!!

    Kind regards

  4. emma says:

    I also am up for this 100% my skills are creating beauty for ceremonial space party community space for a magical tribe. gardening, massage, paramana doula, nomadic sociable kind nature, love nature. Am often able to see threw the crap, like the straight talking no bullshit approach to life, worldly but not of this world if you know what i mean… we are also looking for land and so far have found some but creating funds. Im already part of a stunning fazenda in brazil. lets do it here!

  5. Lightning Brother says:

    I don’t do keen and over-excited, but tell me more…

  6. Amadeus Mozart says:

    ok so what kind of financial requirements must be met to be considered?

  7. Patrick says:

    Where would the land be? how much is estimate for the single basic living unit? will each have equal measure? what will be considered personal space in realation to the shared comune, how much agricultral land be required per person to provide full off the grid sustainability? who is selecting? and what is the amount of people required for this comune to be started, and what is the preferred chosen to be consisted of? ie: doctor/medicine, builder, teacher, agricultralist, vet etc etc , how will responsilities be governed and dispersed.?
    What would be the Commitments that each would adhere to so that order is maintained to keep this a happy run organic thriving comunity?!

    My guess so far? is that this would cost each member of this new chosen comunity in the region of £15,000 ,this figure is for the home and the land and the share cost of a comune gather building plus the running of the agricultral side.

    For the low impact dwelling unit with the basics of living requirments (stoves, bathroom etc) , built properly and safely and sited on the land which will be around £5,000
    £5000 will likely be for the Agricultral land per person.
    £1000 will likely be for the seeds ,tool, other related requirement per person
    £1000 will likely be to funa comunity dwelling for meets, public gatherings etc
    £1000 will likely be for livestock and livestock needs
    £500 should be kept as a contingency
    £500 should be for food (as the first year will be spent producing own agricultral food
    £500 WILL be spent on legal fees

    How ever if you have costed it cheaper , please let me know the details?

    Trouble with off the grid comunities are that the bearucracy from local councils ends up contaminating the tranqual ideas with fees , rules , planning permissions, local people etc etc

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