pier morgans get flu shot then catches the flu soon after haha

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Some of you may have heard some of the Dr. Oz flu shot propaganda the last few weeks. Dr. Oz was telling followers that there are no side effects to the flu shot and it is 100% safe. He even told tv personality Piers Morgan that he should get one because there are no negatives to the vaccine. Well, as Piers would find out, the flu shot can cause more harm than good! Read Ethan Huff’s article on this publicity stunt gone terribly, terribly wrong!! Consider this your Wednesday Wake Up Call!!

By Ethan A. Huff
(NaturalNews) In a recent publicity stunt gone terribly but humorously wrong, Piers Morgan, the infamous CNN personality and British journalist whose unconstitutional views on gun control have sparked petitions for his deportation, agreed to take his first ever flu shot during a live taping of The Dr. Oz Show that aired…

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