my perfect life.

My dream is not to own the biggest house or fastest car but i want to live as healthily and happy as possible in nature. Next to a waterfall or natural spring somewhere sunny like italy or portugal. I would settle down with a beautiful girl and have perhaps 2 kids. Living off the land i would plant 50 fruit and nut trees and grow my own vegetables. Experiencing life as much as i can.

Ideal home.

Vision of surroundings i would love to live in

Ideal diet and medicine plan

Tribal wife and beach

I would love to have many animals on my property some wild game and birds attraction points

Meditating in nature.


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8 Responses to Paradise

  1. Diane Reardon says:

    sounds perfect

  2. Tim says:

    Same for me!

  3. Ben Arnold says:

    Fabulous job! Thank you for sharing some of life’s beauty with us! Tell us more about yourself 🙂 -Ben Arnold (AnaEzine)

  4. Valeriya says:

    Found this article on Kevin Trudeau’s page. I am happy to have stumbles across it- it helps me believe that people across the world are awake in their dreaming. Thank you.

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