Plant based multi vitamin mineral trace mineral supplement coming soon

Im creating a supplement that will give you more nutrients than the average diet if you buy 1 year amount before it comes out you get it for 50 pence per day which is the price of a pack of crisps these days. Contains more minerals than 5 servings of fruit and vegetables with out pesticides. Need 5 partners min on this deal so i can manufacture at fair price our first batch.

No synthetic nutrients which dont absorb well anyway and cause other imbalances for example high copper supplement drains zinc levels. Plant based power made from a few ingredience no additives, fillers, chemicals or steroid.

Soil minerals are down 65% since 1970s due to chemical herbicides and fertilizer which kill all the good bacteria and lifeforms like worms which process rocks and move minerals to aid plant growth and nutrient density.

Forget 5 a day our supplement is formulated around 5 grams a day for reasonably healthy person weight 160 llbs.

Make a great investment and benefit for a year to come.

Nutrients are ideal for pregnant women, breastfeeding, fertility problems, athletes, cancer patients and weight loss results. No claims can be made due to the scientific dictatorship we live under now.

Leave comment, facebook page -livinginnatureengland if interested in this amazing opportunity

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7 Responses to Plant based multi vitamin mineral trace mineral supplement coming soon

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  2. KL says:

    I live in US but count me in!

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  4. Cindy says:

    Sound Great I know I need it.

  5. gerald zapico says:

    I am interested too.

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