This website and Facebook are only the gateway to our end goal which is to create a small community of 20-50 people on a large piece of land in England. Starting from January 2012 we will be selecting the most qualified people from the Facebook page to start this community in the meantime check out the blog, share ideas and chat to members on the Facebook group chat and wall.

Member requirements.

-Aged 18 plus
-Have skills to offer or experience in certain field.
-Put allot of effort in including ideas and recruitment etc.
-Joining fee (Amount not decided min 5k per member)
-Willing to move here permanently

member benefits.

-Live a happier, healthier life
-Be closer to nature
-Share ideas and make freinds
-Take part in community events and dances
-Have access to over 500 videos on all subjects and alot of research gathered over 5 years
-Enjoy organic mineral rich food
-Raise animals like chickens, ducks and goats
-Leave the stress of bills and dont have to be a slave to the cooperations and government
-Not voting for wars or involved with funding elite family like the Rothschild

Thanks alot feel free to check on other pages including about us as well as blog posts.

2 Responses to Members

  1. Matt says:

    I’d be interested in joining but it’d be a bit difficult to raise £5000 being unemployed. Have you considered just claiming some unused land and declaring yourself a sovereign state with freeman political views or something?
    I doubt the government could really do anything as long as we’re peaceful…

  2. KL says:

    This is a great idea—Can you provide me with photos of the land?

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