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  1. Nicki says:

    I just began foraging for wild foods. My big concern is road dust, neighbors overspray if they use pestacides. I began planting native wild plants on my lot last the elderberry has outgrown the space I gave it and I need to move some smaller plants away. I did get to harvest many berries this year. I found a free White Mulberry in my daughters yard, now that I know what it is for sure I will start some from cuttings. I really would love to fill my lot with food plants..for us and for the birds that I love to watch.

  2. Nicki says:

    The best wild food I have eaten so far , as concerning taste,, Is the Showy Milkweed Pods…Only Pink flower plants are safe…You have to simmer them and drain the water at least twice maybe three times, they are mild and very good. You pick them small…only aobut 2 inches long or so. Be sure the area you pick them from is pestacide free….Giant Burdock is a anticancer plant, you have to grow it and harvest the peeled roots in 2 -3 years . the thistel shaped seeds pods are awfull and can harm a child so cut off the seed branches and replant or compost well….but dont let your pets or kids touch them….OUCH !! Have a great day!!!!

  3. Nicki Garcia says:

    I have been growing Giant Burdock it is a problem for furry pets, but as it gets wet from fall rain it softens the burrs, but still gets in pets coats. I am harvesting my late pigweed, I am surprised how good it tastes. Great , I mixed it into a batch of rice amaranth and quinoa that I steamed and lay the greens on top, put some in a bowl, season if you want dig a hole in center and put in a fresh egg, cover steam or microwave about 2 min..Delicious lunch or dinner. I am butchering some young hens of some mixed wild breed who wont stay inside my Hen yard. Mostly due to them being poor egg layers, great hatchers, but of no use if they wont stay contained. I preferr to free range on my acre, but the neighbors Dog loves it too….he kills them when he gets into my yard. So my free range is when they are observed only and have been gated , but then they go into the neighbors yards, no one seems to mind but there again, they are vulnerable to dogs. I will do Essiac Treatment when my Cancer returns and begins growing, I am sure due to the Herbs I take my last CatScan stated No Progression of DIsease…YES!!!!! But I havent tried the Essiac Yet but will…I hear many good things about it. Have a fantastic Day.. And let me know how you Building is going…I always wanted a straw house…but I am not sure how moisture affects them long term, but I hear done right , there are some here in Yakima Valley over 50 years old and thats a pluse.

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