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This article is off topic but if you are a blog, website or business owner then you might want to read this.

I have been into business and the idea of becoming a entrepreneurial since around 15 years old which is around 6 years ago now. I tried selling products over ebay like sunglasses and womens bikinis made around £500. Also tried blogging with affiliate, adsense advertisements and made probably £200.

I have come to realise the importance of a online business comes down to targeted unique website visitors. I have tried a few services online but never found anything which can give me a great chance of creating a home based income business yet.

2 traffic services i reviewed which are scams

Also if you want to do a link exchange either a small banner or just backlink swap email me

If you know any methods that i can get 5000 targeted unique visitors for under 50$ a day please email me must be real people not software bots as 5000 hits is just worth perhaps 1 or 2 dollars

Also i wanna launch the worlds best supplement provides over 80 plant based vitamins & minerals. If you would live to invest or partner with me email me.


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Collection of all my websites, blogs and social media accounts online.
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