You have a mental condition

It is obvious that we live in a scientific dictatorship and are being manipulated and psychologically studied on a day to day basic. If you are not aware of this then you should read articles like this the most as their mind control techniques have worked on your subconscious mind which is not your fault.

This article is based around the move that the brotherhood is doing to push the term “orthorexia nervosa” into the main stream medical and psychological examination.

Before we go on i want to give some official definitions of the words:

1- orthorexia –
2- psychological –

If you checked out the two definitions you will find out that orthorexia is a term that has been taken seriously and refers to people who have a morbid obsession with eating healthy foods

It is clear that the creation of this term has been created to push into the social dynamics at a school level so students who are starting to think for themselves will be teased or bullied just liked homosexuality or being overweight was when i was a child.

They are creating a perceived reality by subliminal programming you multiple times with false paradigms and information which will create a new altered mk ultra type mental mind change through the tools of subconscious persuasion.


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