Floruide lowers brain iq 20% Harvard and 25 other studies prove

Fluoride is a controversial subject in society due to the mass propaganda campaign teaching the population that is its a beneficial nutrients by pseudo science.

There is no evidence that fluoride benefits the body in fact the main theory that convinced the world that floride was good only talked about the benefits of topical teeth application and warned that it causes teeth fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis in children.

There was warnings on the old toothpaste tubs which warned to call “poison control” if swallowing over a pea sized amount. Many toothpaste marketing adverts were designed to get people to use 3 times as much as a pea sized amount for example.

Seriously when there is many herbs which are antibacterial and fungal that work 50% better than chemical toothpastes with no side effects.

EPA’s program for the screening and prioritization of chemicals for
developmental neurotoxicity makes it essential to assemble a list of chemicals
that are toxic to the developing mammalian nervous system.


Video on sodium floruide

learn more about floruide effect on iq.




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