Food pyramid for the new world

Everybody has seen the food pyramid in school textbooks and encyclopedias as shown below.

Looks ok right at least they dont promote coca cola, candy bars and sugar cereals.

Well think about what your actually eating when you eat this diet.

Bread – yeast, white sugar, white flour, gluten, addatives, no minerals
Fruit & vegtables – Hyrbid, unripe, chemical pesticides and low nutrition
Meat – uric acid, hormones, stomach worms, very acidic ph
Dairy – Processed, high acidic ph, creates mucus, inflamation
Fats user sparingly? – Half the nutrients in the body are fat soluble

ok so lets look at a chart i made its not perfect but it is ten times better than the standard disease causing chart the government gives us.

Please comment i want to see your opinions, no hate this is my opinion only and i am trying to help people by talking about these topics.

Thank you for reading

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