GMOs – The negative side of playing with mother earth

Genetically modified foods or gmos for short are plants that have been altered to produce certain characteristics like increased size, color or resistant to insects.  Gmos were first put on the market in the 90s with several varieties of plants including soy beans, corn, canola, cotton seed oil and rice. The main markets for gmos are united states with agriculture feed, processed foods, baby formula, cereals, fabrics and alternative fuels.

Side effects.

Obviously science is never guaranteed and safety is a major issues especially when new Frankenstein foods are created in labs. Health effects from genetically altered organisms could range for higher rates of cancer to lowered memory. Many authors have gone in to more detail on this subject such a Jeffrey M. Smith, Mike adams,  Lim Li Ching and  F. William Engdahl. Lowered birth weight, weaker immune system are common side effects.


The Gmo Trilogy and Seeds of Deception Set [With CD/DVD]


Seeds of Destruction: The Hidden Agenda of Genetic Manipulation


Websites against gmos.


The Future of Food – tells the whole story – history, science, players and politics of GMOs. A must see film!

Genetically modified food – Panacea or poison

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1,000,000 people against Monsanto to ban Genetically modified foods?

Say NO to GMOs


Millions Against Monsanto by

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  1. Luci says:

    I can’t wait to finish school and leave this place. I lie in America but I believe in the illuminati so I think this place would be great to live in.

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