Compost toilet

Compost toilets are a great way to use human waste excrement to add back to your garden. Most compost toilets are outdoor wooden building with a storage tank beneath to store the waste product where it can be mixed with other non biodegraded organic materials such as leaves, wood chippings or hay to create a bio organic compost with micro organisms and worms.


-Less waste
-Higher garden yields
-More soil lifeforms and more natural
-No sewage or water wastage

Humanure is a word coined by Joe Jenkins author of the excellent Humanre Handbook see . Human manure is a taboo subject in our society where we seem happier to flush it away out of sight around a U bend using precious treated drinking water. Composting poo might not be high on everyone’s agenda but it is ridiculously easier and not an unpleasant experience at all – far from it!

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