Interview with cyclist and trainer chris hole

Christopher is a Personal Trainer from Bristol and specialises in working with low back pain sufferers & people who want to lose weight.

In 2009 Chris decided to put is knowledge and fitness to the test by cycling 677.5 miles in 6 days cycling from Lands End to Fort William and he continues to cycling in 100+ mile sportives all across the country.

Interview Q&A’s.

What is the cheapest product you recommend people purchase to improve their health?

The cheapest health products I can recommend are low sugar fruits vegetables, such as Avocados, Cucumbers, Peppers, Celery and Tomatoes to name but a few. They are packed with the necessary vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein and fats our body requires.

How does fruit effect performance and health, it seems everybody has a different view point on fruit?

Our body is alkaline by design and we are to eat foods that contribute to that design if we want health, fitness and sports performance. Sugar when metabolized by the body break down into ethanol, which is acidic to our body, this acid compromises the alkaline design and therefore our health, fitness and sports performance.

Whats your view on performance enchacement in sports like hgh in cycling?

Performance enhancement is a massive grey area, where does performance enhancement begin and end? If you put sugar in your body it will stimulate it and enhance your performance the same for caffeine, could that therefore be a performance enhancing aid? HGH is naturally produced in the body and is taken into the body, so would that not be better for us than sugar and caffeine that is not naturally produced in the body?

I don’t have an opinion on performance enhancing drugs because all nutrition is aimed to enhance performance, I can only say the people who make the decisions are trying to keep a level playing field but if the rules were taken away then there would still be a level playing field.

Whats the best way for a average joe to start cycling and build his health?

Cycle to your ability and fitness level, would you send a 6 year old to university? No first they would go to primary school, then secondary school, 6th form college and finally university.

Exercise is exactly the same, start with what your body can cope with and build from there.

Do you take any supplements along side your diet to improve your performance?

I take an alkaline mineral salt supplement of calcium, sodium, magnesium and potassium bicarbonate, which help maintain the alkaline design of my body–Young-pHorever-pHour-Salts-454g–PHMIRACLEsalts.html?a_aid=CHRISTOPHER001

What is your view on food additives like MSG, high fructose corn syrup and Aspartame?

Stay away!

Whats your view on refined carbohydrates effect on sports development?

We all know the one debilitating factor when it comes to sports and that’s muscle fatigue or acidosis, which is an accumulation of hydrogen ions (acid) in the blood. We fatigue because our alkaline design has been compromised by the accumulation of acid.

Refined carbohydrates as they metabolise create an acidic waste contributing more to muscle fatigue and the build of acid in the blood causing a drop in performance.

Dispel the myths that are advertised in the media like diary gives us calcium and sit ups are good for our body.

The site is dedicated to giving advanced knowledge on all aspects of health and fitness, from sports performance, to weight loss, to Lower back pain and

Where can we track your cycling results and follow your progress?

You can track all my cycling and latest research on facebook at

Whats your favoruite piece of equpiment?

My favourite piece of equipment is my trek bike as I spend so time on it.

Who are your heroes? Who inspired you to take up cycling.

I have many hero’s but when it comes to cycling I grew up watching Miguel Indurain in the tour de france and then lance armstrong

Do you have any litureture or publications on the market?

For literature I recommend visiting my website here you can find why the mainstream education is false and learn about the true health and fitness.

Thanks alot

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