Doritos addatives warning

There has been alot of information about food additives effects on the human body for years now online, in books and documentaries. So alot of people are aware that certain additives in food are pretty scary and unsafe for consumption if you want to live a happy and healthy lifestyle. this post is not direct directly at Doritos and is not supposing that they are the worst i am merely observing a label and talking about my views and the research i have collected on the certain additives and flavorings.

Below i have uploaded a photo of the back of a packet of Doritos crisps.

If your not shocked by this image i am going to make you think twice, there are many ingredience which is neither safe or natural used in this product. The main ingredience include soy beans, msg, modified corn starch, yeast and wheat.

First lets talk about the main ingredience which is wheat and soy these are most defiantly genetically modified plants or un organic meaning they are mineral free and sterile basically, check out gmo studies some terrible health problems caused by messing with nature. Now lets talk about msg which stands for monosodium glutamate, side effects from this include This chemical is added to many fast- and commercial foods due to its’ addictive effect on our bodies. According to, the FDA refuses to label MSG as the neurotoxic, endocrine disrupting, processed free glutamic acid that it is. Although Glutamate is produced naturally by our bodies, MSG in its’ commercial form is a chemically grown substance, and is used to enhance flavors and make us unable to “eat just one”. Ingredients are listed in order of highest proportion. The fact that this ingredient is 8th in the list means that there is just slightly more wheat flour than MSG in Doritos. Scary.

Maltodextrine, although ruled “safe” by the FDA, is an artificial flavor agent (often used as an artificial sweetener). In researching Maltodextrine, I came across Maltrin, which is one of the manufacturers of Maltodextrine, as well as several other UFO’s (Unidentified Foodlike Object’s).

Why is this crap not regulated!?

Why doesn’t our government follow the example of European governments, and begin to be concerned with the foods that are being marketed to our children?

Well the truth on this subject is that dont really care about you and think of you as economic units.

Check out this if you can handle the truth not many people can

Thanks alot

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3 Responses to Doritos addatives warning

  1. It?s in reality a great and useful piece of information. I?m happy that you shared this helpful information with us. Please keep us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. santa says:

    The Illuminati is trying to poison us with there satanic chips, red bag is satans color and the chips are in triangles! obviously this doritos company is owned by the illuminati. What has the world come to. ~MarcoPolo489

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