31 may update

The website has been up around 5 weeks now, we now have around 35 email subscribers and 55 facebook members.

A facebook group has been made with a group chat facility attached to enable communications between all the members, there is a wall where the members can share links, ideas, videos or other websites of similar interests or topics.

A trailer has been made and uploaded to youtube and daily motion for promotion and visual benefits to the website. There are now over 15 posts published to the blog with a multitude of topics including housing, growing food and entertainment.

We have a email newsletter now where all the members can receive updates and notifications.

All members should check out the pages about us, members and take part as soon as possible to get a real feel for what we are trying to achieve here.

> Community page


Thanks alot

Feel free to leave a comment below

Sign up for the newsletter – Send a email titled newsletter to us via the contact us page.

Join the facebook group or twitter see the right hand collum —————————————->

About livinginnatureengland

Collection of all my websites, blogs and social media accounts online.
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