Herbal medicine books

Grow Your Own Pharmacy [Paperback]

Author – Linda Gray
Paperback – 182 pages
Publisher – Findhorn Press Ltd. (28 Feb 2007)

Product Description

“Grow Your Own Pharmacy” was borne of a passion for a way of life. Millions of vitamin and mineral supplements are sold every day across the globe. Many get left in the back of the cupboard, some are unsuitable and/or sub-standard, and very few are needed! The human species has evolved this far without cupboards full of pills and potions, but with the environment in which he or she lives. Our environment has everything we need to produce the vitamins and minerals for healthy bodies, minds and souls. A little exercise is required to put this theory into action. But physical exercise is part of the human make-up and we need to move everyday, to keep joints supple, muscles strong, and ultimately stress-free. “Grow Your Own Pharmacy” guides the reader through the overwhelming mountain of health information available and sorts it out into practical everyday use. Everyone who wants to be healthy owes it to him or herself to put away those supplements and get down to what real healthy eating is all about. The book lists recommended daily vitamins but doesn’t rest there. Each separate vitamin or mineral has it’s own checklist to show at a glance what foods are required to fulfill the daily need. These foods in turn are each given a whole chapter on how to grow them, and use them. And those without a garden won’t miss out – where there’s a will there’s a way!


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