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The Secret Teachings of Plants: The Intelligence of the Heart in Direct Perception of Nature [Paperback]

Author – Stephen Harrod Buhner
Paperback – 336 pages
Publisher – Bear & amp Company (Dec 2004)


All ancient and indigenous peoples insisted their knowledge of plant medicines came from the plants themselves and not through trial and error experimentation. Less well known is that many Western peoples made this same assertion. There are, in fact, two modes of cognition available to all human beings – the brain-based linear and the heart-based holistic. The heart-centred mode of perception can be exceptionally accurate and detailed in its information gathering capacities if, as indigenous and ancient peoples asserted, the heart’s ability as an organ of perception is developed. Steven Harrod Buhner explores this second mode of perception in great detail through the work of numerous remarkable people from Luther Burbank, who cultivated the majority of food plants we now take for granted, to the great German poet and scientist Goethe and his studies of the metamorphosis of plants. Buhner explores the commonalties among these individuals in their approach to learning from the plant world and outlines the specific steps involved.


Edible Wild Plants & Herbs: A Compendium of Recipes and Remedies [Hardcover]

Author – Pamela Michael
Hardcover – 240 pages
Publisher – Grub Street Publishing (31 July 2007)

Product Description

Exquisitely illustrated with full-colour paintings of all the plants and herbs in the book, ranging from dandelion and sorrel to sea beet and samphire, Edible Wild Plants and Herbs is both a cookbook and field guide to the identification and use of foodstuffs from the wild. There are almost 400 recipes covering nearly 100 different plant varieties and the illustrations, drawn from life by one of the country s leading botanical artists, show the edible parts of the plants at their peak time for picking. In addition there is a calendar indicating what plants to look for at each season of the year, information on where the plants are found and how to identify them. In the past the home kitchen provided a family with all its medicines and cosmetics as well as its food, wine, pickles and preserves. Our ancestors were resourceful and imaginative and very much in tune with nature; this book recaptures their harmonious, sustainable way of life by setting down for the modern reader all that knowledge and lore. There are recipes for soups, sauces, main dishes, salads, pickles, jams, sorbets, as well as teas, syrups and lotions. Published originally in 1980 under the title All Good Things Around Us, this book became a classic work on the subject. It has been entirely revised and updated and redesigned with new recipes and information.


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