It is no surprise that hemp is a good plant to grow, it has so many benefits and uses.

The hemp community has been shouting about the environmental benefits of the plant for years. An oft-quoted statistic is that hemp has more than 25,000 natural uses – ranging from food and oil supplements, made from its seeds, to strong industrial materials processed from its woody outer core. It is fast-growing and can thrive in British soil with little water and with no pesticides or other soil-polluting chemicals.

According to Hemcore, the next big growth area for hemp will be the construction industry, especially as an environmentally-friendly alternative to glass- and fibre-based insulation. Adnams, brewers of traditional English beer, is using bricks made of a combination of lime and hemp in a new “eco-brewery” it is building in Southwold, Suffolk.


– Hemp-seed milk was used as a cure for tuberculosis in a sanatorium in Czechoslovakia in the 1920s and 1930s.
– Hemp seeds are acknowledged as being one of the best sources of essential fatty acids.


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    • I have heard of this website i will probably make an account later i already have a facebook, twitter, 2 youtube, several tumblrs to manage.

      I need a domain and real web hosting now with a .co.uk domain instead of wordpress.

  1. Mr Apples says:

    Hemp…if only one crop were to be grown,hemp should be it,I’d like to experiment with it as a transitional plant for changeover from petro to organic farming!

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